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Artist Statement

Artist Statement 2016

Marilu Pelusa Rosenthal

It is my personal intention to have a constant relationship between the nature and the ceramics that I made. Through the fire, colors and textures my work is a permanent communication with the earth. I work primarily in utilitarian ceramics. I like to create an intimacy between the creative process and the use of the object.

My work is based from simply shapes with a visual weight where the decoration doesn’t interfere with the essential spirit of the work. I also have been incorporating metal and shells with ceramics in the final work where it is related to fragility and permanence at the same time.

The soda and wood firing complete the process with their particular finishing that creates unique flashes on the surface that are related with nature.

When somebody uses my work I want to revive the senses, I want people to connect with the life of the material and the work